Damavand Climbing Tour

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Damavand Climbing Tour

I always loved adventurous trips. Thus, I started mountain climbing. As a beginner, I tried many easier summits and then the time came that I dared to step forward for a more challenging mountain: Damavand Peak. Mount Damavand is the highest summit in Iran and the Middle East. It is near Tehran, the capital. During my researches, I understood Damavand trekking is not as hard as Himalaya. That was good to know it is challenging but doable for a novice like me.


In Search of A Tour

My adventure started with looking for a good Damavand your package. I wanted a flexible one regarding my physical strength. Besides, reaching the summit is not my only goal. I believe we should also enjoy the path. I preferred to have enough time to mix up with the locals and the environment. So, after checking some Damavand trekking tours, I found the suitable one. A 5-day tour, with a professional guide as well as a whole extra day for strolling in the city.


The Beginning of The Journey

The tour operator managed everything quite professionally. As I landed at the airport, we headed to the reserved hotel. There I met my guide and fellow travelers. We checked our outfit with the guide. They were friendly and I feel so relieved. For the next five days, we were going to live together and I loved that I felt this atmosphere of trust and intimacy.


The Great Tehran

I knew not much about Tehran. That was surprising to see such a modern city. To be honest I expected more authentic one! Well, on the last day it turned out that all my imaginations were not totally wrong. The older regions were coexisting with the modern elements. Mostly notable was all the commotion and commutation in the city. And, the Damavand peak was there welcoming me.


Damavand Trekking

After a three-hour driving from Tehran, we got to a village on the foothills of Damavand. And then there was another drive on a dirt road to the first camp. It is located 2950 meters in height. So we started trekking slowly and hike up another 500 meters for acclimatization. Then, we went back to the base camp and rest in the tents. There the tour guide held an introduction session and explained all technical tips for successfully ascending held.

The next day we trekked on a gentle slope to camp 3 at 4200 meters height. At this point, there were more mountaineers and watching them cross path was motivating. After some rest, we ascend to 4700 meters height to acclimate. The main story was going to begin tomorrow, on the third day of the journey.

The 3rd day was the day to conquer the highest peak in the Middle East. The first part of the route had quite a steep slope, and the ascent route was straight up. Around 11 am, we reached Iran’s highest point. The sulfur vapor coming out of the volcanic peak of Damavand was the sign our victory. We did it! We were on the peak,  jumping from joy of conquering the summit.

Afterward, we were sand skiing for about 3 hours to come back to camp 3. After having a delicious warm lunch, we had the whole evening to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Damavand and celebrate our successful ascent.

The next morning, still excited of our conquer, we left camp 3 down to the foothills. We passed the same dirt road but we didn’t go back to Tehran. Instead, we headed to the natural hot springs of Damavand to soak in the calming warm water. It took away all our exhaustion from the hike. It was noon by the time and I wondered how boring it will be for the rest of the day. But I was wrong.


At night, We headed to the Tabiat bridge to see one of the main places in which the young generation of Iran hangs out. It’s a mix of nature, city life, and fun restaurants and cafes. Tabiat Bridge with it’s stylish design, is the largest pedestrian way in the city. It connects two hills and goes over a crowded highway. The lovely Mount Damavand is also on the horizon. I felt as if it was smiling at me.


The End of the Journey

The final scenes of our journey was visiting the hidden gems of the modern Tehran. First, we went to the Golestan Royal Palace. It is listed as a UNESCO world heritage, which belongs to about 2 hundred years ago. I guess all the people used to live here were poets. Living aside such beauty and harmony would leave you no other choice. Afterward, we took a stroll at the big Bazaar to explore every corner of it. It was an old covered complex with traditional architecture. I wish I could share all the lively sounds and mesmerizing smells there with you.


The Next Plan

On our introduction session I learned some facts about Mount Damavand. One of them was that there are five different routes with different levels of hardship for ascending this high peak. I decided to try all if them with different Damavand tour packages. So, I guess soon I'll go back to Iran and Mount damavand.


Source: Iranamaze



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