PCO car hire with insurance no deposit

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PCO car hire with insurance no deposit

     If you live in UK, you must have heard about PCO car hire with insurance no deposit. There are many companies provide you services in this case (PCO car hire with insurance no deposit) with excellent offers. Parts of services that these companies provide for their customers can be mentioned to covering accident, service booking, some of them fix & servicing for free and etc.

     These days with the increasing development of societies, the companies came to the conclusion to meet what the people need. One of the these that most of the people of UK need is easy access to online taxi service. People can access to companies that provide for their customers PCO car hire with insurance no deposit in UK easily through search in internet.

     PCO licence has many benefits which will be mentioned in following.
If someone wants to start his/her works as a online taxi driver, he/she must get his/her PCO licence. So, let’s talk about what is PCO car hire and what is PCO car hire with insurance no deposit.



In the following, introducing some models of cars that you can rent it from PCO car hire companies in UK.

PCO car hire

     Before to defining PCO car hire, let’s know about the PCO car.
Generally, PCO car includes all 4-Doors Vehicles and minicabs or minivans that meet all the requirements of TfL.






PCO licence

     PCO is abbreviation of public carriage office, that is TfL (department of Transport for London). To get this licence, there are some documents you must have:

  1. At least 21 years old at least.
  2. Full DVLA driving licence (at least 3 years old).
  3. Insurance documents.
  4. No criminal record (have DBS check).
  5. Medical health certification.
  6. Topographical skills licence from a valid assessment centre.
  7. English language test.


In the following, the table below shows the fees of obtaining this licence:

Licence application


Licence grant


Medical health certification



£56.85 (online)- £58.85 (paper)

English test




DBS check


Foreign licence conversion

£7-£8 (no charge if you paid via credit/debit card)


PCO car hire and Uber

     To start your online taxi driving with Uber, you need to get PCO licence. It is not just for Uber, for all the online taxi services, you must have PCO licence. A car registered as a PCO must have the following characteristics:

  1. 4-doors opening class
  2. Euro 4 petrol-hybrid engine, Euro 6 diesel or petrol engine.
  3. Good conditions and no serious damages.
  4. There’s no any logo or commercial branding.


PCO car hire rental

Companies in UK, there are many of them that provide you services and rent the vehicles with excellent offers. There are PCO car hire with insurance no deposit and car rental companies with good conditions that can be seen in below:

  • Weekly payment at a very low cost
  • Deposit money and after returning the vehicle, get back the money
  • Insurance and support accident
  • Documents can use for UBER and BOLT

PCO car hire with insurance no deposit to rent

Certainly, it came to your mind that which car is the best to rent or what is the best PCO car hire with insurance no deposit. In following, there is a list that shows the best PCO car rental and best PCO car hire which are popular among the people:

  1. Toyota Prius
  2. Ford Galaxy 7-seater
  3. Mercedes Benz V-Class/ S-Class / E-Class
  4. Toyota Auris
  5. Honda Insight
  6. Hyundai Ioniq
  7. Citroen C4 Grand Picasso
  8. VW Sharan
  9. Toyota Corolla (Hybrid)


Toyota Prius as PCO car hire with insurance no deposit

     The most popular vehicle in London and UK is Toyota Prius, you can find it in any PCO car hire companies and also you can get it as PCO car hire with insurance no deposit via pays £110-£170 depends on the company you choose and type of the Prius, and most of the companies have good offers beside of delivering you the car (E.X free servicing, changing tires, MT and etc.)

Ford Galaxy as PCO car hire with insurance no deposit

     An American friend but not too much popular, there are many reasons for people attract to Toyota Prius or even Mercedes Benz E-Class but if you are interested in American vehicles, this can be a good friend for you. Also, you can get this car just via payment £95-£110.

Mercedes Benz Classes as PCO car hire with insurance no deposit

     As the type of luxury vehicles, Mercedes Benz especially E & S Class can be an excellent option to rent these classes. Most of the people that like luxury cars, choose Mercedes Classes. To rent these classes you can pay weekly £250-£700 and get this beautiful & Eye-catching.

Toyota Auris as PCO car hire with insurance no deposit

     Want a family & compact car? Congratulation, Toyota Auris can be a good case for you. Its body shape and appearance feel good to the driver and driver enjoys during his/her driving. You can get this compact car only via payment £120-£135 weekly with excellent offers.


Honda Insight as PCO car hire with insurance no deposit

     A subcompact car but long, beloved to Youngs. Large screen, good shape wheel steering, high quality seat leather and other options cause this car should be chosen by Youngs. You can also rent this car just via paying £50-£130 per week with offers that companies give you.

Hyundai Ioniq as PCO car hire with insurance no deposit

     Looking for smallest European car? C-Segment cars offer to you and the best offer is Hyundai Ioniq. Its wild appearance caused people don’t attention to its small size. You should not expect from the interior of this car but it satisfies the customer with at least options. You can rent this C-Segment car by only paying £200-£220/week.

Citroen C4 Grand Picasso as PCO car hire with insurance no deposit

     A compact car with simple appearance but powerful 4-Cylinder 1598cc engine. Look at its interior design, two screens can be seen on the dashboard and dashboard’s appearance can be a good reason to choose this car. Rent this car via payment £150-£175 per week.

VolksWagen Sharanas PCO car hire with insurance no deposit

   Surely if Minivans are beloved to you, heard about VW Sharan. An MVP car with Lux exterior and simple interior. But if you are always in roads with your family, this is good choice to rent it. You can get this from PCO car hire companies via only payment £120-£210 weekly.

Toyota Corolla (Hybrid) PCO car hire with insurance no deposit

     Subcompact car with nice screen but simple interior. Exterior design feels good to customers. Suitable for those are looking for young type cars. To rent this find a good company and pay weekly  £140-£175.

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