7 Tips to Increase Telegram Channel Membership

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These days, telegrams are not just entertainment, but also a tool for earning money and marketing online. Many people form a channel or group in a telegram and earn money by increasing its membership. So, in addition to being a source of revenue, the telegram has also become a source for advertisers' services, services, and products.

1: Choose the right name and address for your channel
Like any marketing campaign in the digital age, you need to know who your ideal channel audience is. If you're not familiar with the concept of customer persona, read the persona design article and get to know your audience. You also need to know what your channel is looking for. These first two steps will help you choose the best idea for the channel name as well as your channel address.

Try to keep the channel name tailored to your purpose you must buy telegram members and activity and choose an address that is easy to remember. The best case for an address is when your addressee can tell your address verbally and easily find your channel

2: Use a custom logo.
Unified, consistent, and repetitive visual identity helps keep your brand image in your audience's mind. Use the logo as your Telegram Channel profile image and try to apply your logo to all the images and videos you produce or reproduce. This way, when your content is published in channels and groups, your channel's brand gets better and better.

3: Write brief, useful, and illustrative channel descriptions.
If the audience is satisfied with your channel content, the first place to go to get to know you more is the description section of your channel. Try to make the most of your limited space and introduce your channel briefly and usefully. To do this, go to the channel profile section like the image below and click the Edit button.

4: Produce and publish quality content.
The most important strategy in introspective marketing is content production and dissemination. The same is true in the telegram. Your most important job as a channel manager is to produce content that attracts your audience, and to make them share your content with other channels and groups, thus attracting more audiences to your channel.

The important question is what content can be considered quality content. It is not easy to answer this question. The type and format of content that is appealing to users differs across different channels with different topics and audiences, so it is not easy to make a general judgment that a content format is better than others.

5: Have a specific schedule.
The Telegram Channel is a digital media. The audience of a digital media, like the audience of any other media, continues to pursue that medium if it feels that it is managed in a systematic and purposeful way and can add value to it.

Unreleased content makes the audience's perception of your media's purposefulness and programmatic shift and neglect to follow.

Try to design and stick to a specific schedule for publishing content on your channel. Excessive publishing of content in addition to disturbing the audience makes you unable to stay consistent, and on the other hand publishing too much at a time discourages the audience from following your channel. Try to publish at least one story a day on your channel.

It is best to schedule your content accurately and publish it at a specific time of day using channel scheduling software, such as a telegram or editorial. This will make your audience accustomed to publishing at that particular time and increasing their loyalty to your channel.

At the Digital Marketing Toolkit, we publish our posts every day at 2pm and 7pm using the editorial platform. The number of posts may change in the future, but we are trying to keep the order we started.

6 : Use a fixed content style.
Design a lightweight content guide to publish content to your telegram channel. In this guide, specify which graphic elements in each post should be used. In addition, your content should follow a consistent writing style. If the tone of your posts is conversational, set all your posts to be conversational, and if you're using a formal tone, try not to use a conversational tone.

The content style guide we use in our digital marketing toolkit is as follows

7: Get your audience involved in channel activity
The Telegram Channel is a one-way media. This is incompatible with the nature of marketing in the digital age. You have to engage your audience in the production of channel content using the creative solutions you design. Designing challenges, competitions, surveys or asking questions and getting feedback from the audience are ideas in this regard.

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In addition, you should provide a direct and easy way to get your audience's comments, questions, suggestions and criticisms. The easiest way to do this is to put your own ID or somebody else as the channel administrator in the channel description.

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